Hurricane Straps


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hurricane straps and your roof

When it comes to weather, Barrie has had lots to choose from lately.  When it comes to roofing we’ve seen the impact that weather can have.  That’s why we spoke to JN Roofing owner, Jason Newkirk about hurricane straps and your roof.

The Damage was Done

hurricane straps and your roof

On July 14th you’ll recall that an EF-2 tornado touched down in the Southeast end of the city.  The havoc this caused has had many people diligently working behind the scenes.

Hurricane Clip Rebate Program

hurricane straps and your roof

One of those people, City Councilor, Natalie Harris has just had a motion passed to have the building code updated, as well as a new Hurricane Clip Rebate Program to be implemented for residents of Barrie.  This is really great news for everyone.  Even better is having the knowledge that hurricane clips can be installed both as a home is being built as well as after completion.

Building Code Implementations

hurricane straps and your roof

The City staff has been working with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction as well on adjustments to be made to our current building codes.  Safety must always be first and foremost for everyone.

Hurricane Straps and Your Roof

hurricane straps and your roof

Hurricane straps can potentially prevent the total destruction of your home.  These devices are capable of withstanding immense wind speeds, keeping your roof securely attached.

They are metal connectors used to secure the roofs rafters to the frame of the house.  In many cases it’s preferable to install the straps once the frame of the house has been completed, but can be done afterwards as well.

Even if you’re not ready to re-roof or have a roof repair done at the moment, hurricane straps can be installed by a professional roofing company fairly quickly.

The ‘Go-To’ Company

hurricane straps and your roof

Speaking with Jason of JN Roofing, we found that he was pleased to hear that Councilor Harris had succeeded in having the motion passed and is reviewing the installation processes required.

JN Roofing has always been the ‘go-to’ company for both installation and repairs.  They have set the standards for services and solutions in the area.  They will help you to choose the right shingle and roofing system and explain why one choice works better than another in any given situation.

JN Roofing – Award Winning – Again

hurricane straps and your roof

JN Roofing has been accredited once again with Best Business of 2021.  Using only the best materials and unmatched craftsmanship with the assurance of a quality job for every customer is definitely why they continuously win this award.

If you’re considering having hurricane straps installed, reach out to JN Roofing and book your free consultation and quote today.  It’s a positive step to take in the protection of your biggest investment, your home.

Check This Out

If you’d like further information on roofing and roofing services, follow this link.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott, Veronika Kovecses

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