Suburbia Life – What’s Not To Love!


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People sometimes talk about suburbia like it’s a bad thing.  You know what?  If it’s where you live, you’re expected to love it.  Don’t feel ashamed.  Suburbia is really the best of both worlds.  It’s easy to run to the store if you need something, with less traffic to contend with, and there’s generally less crime.

Suburbia at its Finest!

Living in the City of Barrie is suburbia at its finest.  With 12 Interurban communities, the city has been designated an Urban Growth Centre of the Province.  Yet, even still we are considered a bedroom city to Toronto.

Parklands and Trails

One thing that residents of Barrie have that’s unique to our area is such incredible parklands and trails.  Whether you are a young child looking for a playground, a runner, boater, cyclist, winter sports enthusiast or swimmer – Barrie has you covered.

With a total land area of over 346 square miles and much of that still to be developed, there’s room to play in this suburbia.


Speaking of play, when the world is normal, Barrie is a great place to enjoy a number of annual festivals and events.  Many of these celebrate our waterfront and historical downtown, while others celebrate our vibrant arts and entertainment scene.


Even our shopping offers much of what you’d find in the city.  City planners have made that a bit easier over the last decade by replicating shopping centres in both the North and South ends of the city.  If there is truly something that can’t be found here or ordered online, remember Toronto is only an hour away.

Housing Prices…

Sadly this past year housing prices have once again skyrocketed.  Even when this happens, it doesn’t seem to slow the exodus of buyers coming from Toronto.  The land and house values here offer a bigger bang for their buck, so why not?

The one thing that buyers are faced with though, is the decision to purchase a newly built home or taking on the challenge of an older home.

Choosing Older…

Many of the older homes in Barrie are very well kept, beautiful houses on larger than life lots.

The not so kept up homes may be the jewels in the rough to purchase.  Usually, they’re in need of some cosmetic repair and updating, but their bones are good.

Getting to Know the Right Contractors…

Getting up to date knowledge about good contractors in the area is a huge help when considering an older home.  Learn who earns the respect in each field, how busy they are and if pricing will fit your budget.

Introducing JN Roofing

One contractor that should likely be on your list is JN Roofing.  With a Home Stars rating of 98% and being awarded Best Business of 2021, they are the go-to company for roofing needs in the area.

If you’re living in Toronto and considering the move or already live in our lovely suburbia and need to update your roof – connect with JN Roofing.

They’re the Professionals that will keep you Covered.

Written by: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Are you a Barrie based business looking to expand your digital footprint?  Let us know!  We can get you Uncovered!

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