What does it Really DO?


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What does it really do?  We all know that it serves as a barrier against snow, rain, hail, ice, branches and debris.  We also know that it protects everything inside against the outside world.

What is it you ask?  The correct answer for all is – your roof!

It’s Your Roof!!

A roof is one of the most vital parts of every home, work or play structure.  The job that it does is all of the above and more.

Imagine a roof that’s not up to snuff.  There can be leaks, mold and mildew along with a myriad of other problems.  Water can travel a long way, doing extensive damage on its journey!

What else does it do?

A good roofing system installed by qualified professionals, not only gives you protection against the elements, but will add immense curbside appeal as well.

If you happen to be in the market to sell your home, that curbside appeal attracts a lot of good will on offers of purchase.  It not only looks so much better, but will let prospective buyers know that you have maintained your home with loving care.  That alone can add to the selling power you may have.

Even if a home isn’t being sold, a well maintained roof still does an enormous amount of work for you.

When you have a sound roof, good insulation, including blow-in-attic insulation and proper ventilation you are rewarded with lower heating costs and are able to run your air conditioner at a higher temperature saving loads on energy bills.  A good roof allows for a lot less energy loss in air leakage as well.

Check on it!

Not everyone is comfortable climbing up onto the roof to check out the condition it’s in.  There are a couple of pretty good ways to know when you should be considering maintenance though.

One very obvious way, of course, is if you have a leak causing water damage in the interior of your home.  Secondly is if you notice even one shingle lying on the lawn.  It can’t possibly be doing its job there!

A very simple thing to do is check out all the roofs in your neighborhood as you’re driving home.  If there’s any noticeable lift or curl to the shingles, moss or discoloration showing…it’s best to call in the professionals.

And the Lifespan is…

In the past, it was said, that if you’re roof was old enough to drink – it was too old to be protective.  Most shingles had a 20 year lifespan.

As with many engineered products, that has now changed.  We don’t just put on shingles anymore – not if you really want to protect your investment – you put on a roofing system.

Now…A Roofing System

A full roofing system includes drip edge, ice and water shield, synthetic underlay and often upgraded capping.  A really good roofing installer will also make sure that there are truly enough vents to provide adequate airflow as well.

Introducing One of the Best!

Saying this, I’d like to introduce Jason of JN Roofing here in Barrie.  JN Roofing has been in business for 27 years now, leaving a trail of happy clients with big smiles on their faces.

Not only does Jason provide one of the best roofing systems available – Owen –Corning, but his crews all work directly for the company.  There are no subcontracted tradesmen employed by the company.  This means a lot when you have trades working on your property.  You are guaranteed that WSIB is in place, that all workers have been carefully vetted, and you really only need to talk with one person – the owner of the company.  It also means that your lawns and gardens are cared for and kept clean during the installation, with no harm of people or pets being injured by left behind debris!

What a Warranty!

Jason happily installs Owen-Corning mainly as the company not only makes such a superior product, but stands behind it with a 50 year registered manufacturer’s warranty.  Jason adds a 15 year warranty on his workmanship as well that’s not often found in the business.

Is it Time to Call?

JN Roofing also has the ability to install skylights as well as the very lovely sun tunnels to brighten up any area of your home.

Now that you know what it really does – check out your roof. Make a couple of calls, but be sure to add JN Roofing to the list.  They won’t be the least expensive, but they will provide a service seldom matched in the area.

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