What you should expect when you get a roof quote for your home.


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When was the last time you redid your roof?

You probably can’t exactly remember when it was, but you know it’s been a more than a few years? If you’re like the average client we deal with here at JN Roofing, the last time you had your roof redone was anywhere from twenty to twenty five years ago! Thats a long time. So long that you really don’t even know what you should expect as a consumer when it comes to selecting a roofing company.

Today we’ll give you some tips on what to watch for (insist on?) when redoing your roof.


When will you be here?


First things first, it is not the least bit unreasonable on your part to expect that the roofing company should be able to give you an exact day AND exact time that they will be there to give you your quote. We regularly hear of other roofing companies who won’t give exact days or times on when they’ll be there.

“We’ll swing by sometime next week” or “I’ll pop over sometime Wednesday morning”. There is no reason for this.

If you contact a roofer that won’t confirm with dates and times it very well could be a sign of bigger issues, so we recommend you should contact a different roofer who will give you a appointment time like a professional company should.


Are you guys still coming today?


Seems comical to even have to say this, but did your roofing company even show up for the quote?Believe it or not, a comment we hear (all too often) is that “the other roofing company never even showed up for the quote”. As the homeowner you shouldn’t have to chase people to give you a quote so you can spend your hard earned money with them.

Again, if they do not show up as promised for the quote, we strongly suggest you reach out to another roofing company who will show up.


Are they prepared?


Roofing companies are renowned for showing up with a handful of shingle samples, a notepad and not much else. When the quote team at JN Roofing does a roofing quote, we come prepared. When we show up at your home, we will have already inputted your home into our software via satellite imagery, mapped it out on our digital software and inputted it into a tablet for calculations.

This allows us to have most of the costs and needs of your roof determined before we even get there.

When we meet with you we’ll quickly be able to confirm slopes, measurements and be able to tell you exactly what your roof will cost.


Do you even know what you’re getting yourself into?


As mentioned, many roofing quotes are little more than a quick look at some shingle colors, a scribbled set of numbers on a note pad and vague statements. Our roofing quote team quickly educates you on what you need to know, lays out pros, cons and naturally all the price options available to you… and most importantly we put it in writing in a legitimate quote. Re roofing your home is a substantial investment. The roofing company you deal with should be a professional organization that respects your time and earns your business.

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