What’s the Weather?


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Sometimes living in Barrie is like living in a four seasons resort.  A common question to be heard is “What’s the weather supposed to be like today?”

Let’s Talk Weather

almanac.com, click photo to view

One thing’s for certain – People in Canada love to talk weather.  Many older Canadians still think of the Farmer’s Almanac as their weather bible; younger generations just tap the icon on their phone which takes them to the Weather Network.  How often have you checked the weather this week?

What’s the Forecast

This summer the Weather Network is forecasting great weather for enjoying the beach and backyard BBQ’s.  More than usual sunny days with above normal temperatures are forecasted for most of the summer.  Typically July and August are very hot and humid in this area, but many people travel a bit further north to find decreased humidity.

Those that choose to stay in our area, or travel to our City find that Barrie is made just right for enjoying the weather of all seasons.

Living Lakeside

Photo by: Stephen Elliott

With more than 9 million Canadians (1/4 of our population) living within a 100 mile radius of the city – we sure get our fair share of visitors.  The weather here certainly gives this lakeside city a definite assist in the tourism department.

With over 500 hectares of parkland throughout the city residents and visitors are able to enjoy our good weather days walking, biking, boating, swimming and more.  Certainly during the summer months you can find many, many people enjoying our incredible waterfront parks.

With three beautiful beaches spread around the bay there are numerous parks, lovely trails, volleyball site as well as splash pads and playgrounds.

Festival City

Photos By: Stephen Elliott

Many friends and neighbours share space at the various festivals in Barrie.  The City hosts a large variety of them throughout the year – most of them along the waterfront or a block up in the Downtown core.

We wait from November to May for sunshine and warmth but that’s not to say our winter months are not enjoyable. When the snow does fall we head out for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or nearby for downhill workouts. In such a young city (the median age is 38 years old) there’s no chance of boredom!

Fun Facts on Weather in Barrie

The coldest day ever recorded was on January 8, 1866 at -38.9C or -38F.

The highest temperature ever recorded was on July 5, 1911 at 38.9C or 102F.

Our average cold, snowy winter days are usually -12C or 9.7F.

Our average hot and humid summer day is generally around 26.3C or 79.3F.

The largest snowfall was recorded on February 12, 2017 at 14.6 cm of snow.

With the average seasonal купить фонарик snowfall being 223.0 cm.

Largest hailstones found in Barrie on May 31, 1985 – the size of softballs!

Not So Fun Facts

May 31, 1985 fourteen tornados struck Central Ontario – mainly Barrie.  Rated an F4 in Barrie, it claimed eight lives and injured 155 people.

With all that being said, homeowners in the area are usually very aware of ways to not only protect their homes during inclement weather купити тактичні рукавиці, but also how to keep their heating and A/C costs as low as possible.

Think About This:

Photo By: Veronika Kovecses

In speaking with Jason Newkirk, owner of JN Roofing, he suggests that new residents to our area take the following measures:

Check your insulation status.  Insulation should be clean, dry and plentiful мультитул.  Often over the years it can become compressed and not able to allow ample air flow.  Checking your insulation can also give you a pretty good picture of what may be needed for further cost savings.

Check your weather stripping on windows and doors.  A seemingly small thing, but heat or costly cooled air escaping your home can add many dollars to your utility bills.

Most importantly check your roof магазин постельного белья.  A well planned roofing system is paramount to savings on utility bills, as well as protecting one of your largest investments – your home.

Your roofing system is an asset during hail storms, extreme snowfalls, torrential downpours and excessive heat постільна білизна.  With the proper ventilation your roof allows for good air exchange throughout your home helping to prevent mold or mildew as well.  Jason does remind homeowners not to allow excessive snow buildup and to check their roof quarterly or after a weather event for any damages.

JN Roofing – Your Roofing Experts!

Photos By: Veronika Kovecses & Mike Fennell

So, if your new to the area and would like to understand the best possible scenarios consider giving JN Roofing a call.  They are truly your roofing experts.


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