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Questions to ask a Roofing Contractor

Photo By Stephen Elliott

With summer weather having caused so much havoc, many residents of our City are looking for Roofing Contractors.

When needing a new roof under normal circumstances people have time to ask a number of contractors to give them quotes.  Then they can take the time to make a decision.

When that’s not exactly the case and decisions need to be made in a much more timely fashion there are still questions that should be asked for insurance purposes.

Questions You Should Ask:

Years in Business

  1. How long have you been in this profession?

The longer that a roofing contractor has been working in the field, the more apt they are to have references and paperwork in place for you to check on.

Trade Certificates

Photo By Fennbot FPV

What licenses or certifications do you have?

All roofing contractors must have “At Height” training and be trained in Workplace-Safety Hazards.  They must also complete a 2-3 year apprenticeship program or have over 3 years of work experience to be eligible for trade certification.


Do you have insurance? Both General Insurance as well as W.S.I.B.

It’s mandatory for workers in the construction industry to have W.S.I.B. coverage.  If roofers don’t provide you with their W.S.I.B. certificate you could be personally liable if an accident or injury occurs.


Do you have referrals that I can look at or talk to?

Being able to discuss possible contractors with someone who has used their services is like finding gold.  Even if someone has had a minor problem in the past, you are able to make a decision based upon your own needs.  If there are a number of referrals on a website, it is because people have used the business and have been happy enough to be quoted.


Photo By Stephen Elliott

Will you remove the old roof?

If any areas of a roof have become severely damaged, it’s usually better to remove the old shingles and start from scratch.  However, it is possible to remove any loose shingles and apply a new layer of roofing felt over the existing roof.  You should know which is going to happen so that your estimate is exactly what you’re looking for.


How much time will you require?

Whether your roofing job is a large one or a small one, you should be absolutely aware of when the contractors will arrive and how long the job should last barring any unforeseen problems.  This way you and your family are well aware of taking the precautions necessary of having workmen busy around your property.

The Old School Standards

JN Roofing is the standard for roofing services and solution in the Barrie Area.  They work to the old school standard of not leaving until the job is done.  Their accredited roofers strive for service excellence as they work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Roof Replacements and Repairs

JN Roofing not only do roof replacement using top of the line products but are the professionals to call to have roof repairs done correctly.  Even if you are not in need of a new roof but are concerned that there may have been damage due to the weather, JN Roofing will come and do an inspection for you.  This is the best way to avoid emergency calls or other unexpected problems in the future.

Their Commitment

As Jason and his team say…’ being there for our customers when they need us is what it’s all about.’

Ask the questions when you call JN Roofing for all your roofing needs.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

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