Hidden Gems

A couple of years ago, say 1828, a permanent settlement was established on the shores of Lake Simcoe.  Named after Commodore Robert Barrie, our ‘now’

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Visualization Tools

Check Out These Cool Visualization Tools Over the past 20+ months, cool visualization tools have been implemented in so many ways by so many businesses. 

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Home of the Week

Barrie Home Of The Week: 164 Sproule Drive Home of the Week is brought to you by JN Roofing & Contracting. Expert Roofing, Contracting, and

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Roof Leaks?

Have you noticed water dripping from a ceiling or a water stain in your home? No one ever wants to experience either of those issues

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Leaking Porch Roof

Whether a covered patio by the pool to help prevent sunburn or a wrap-around covered deck on the house, Canadians love their outdoor space during

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Clean Roofs

Sometimes as we drive around we notice different roofs that look like they have moss or fungus of some sort on them.  This seems to

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Hurricane Straps

Hurricane Straps and Your Roof When it comes to weather, Barrie has had lots to choose from lately.  When it comes to roofing we’ve seen

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Roofs by

Questions to ask a Roofing Contractor Photo By Stephen Elliott With summer weather having caused so much havoc, many residents of our City are looking

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